Crazy Leerfish Strikes | Shore Jigging

Two beautiful leerfish (Lichia amia) also known as garrick landed by Ivica and Marin on the same day but at completely different locations! One was caught at dawn and another one at noon with a straightforward shore jigging technique. I always thought they prefer top water lures, poppers, stick baits, and of course – live bait, but they love metal jigs and shore jigging fishing.

This amazing fish always brings excitement, especially when she follows the lure with multiple attacks before hookup. Strong, aggressive, and lightning-fast. Imagine this beast follows your lure. What a predator!

Fishing Gear

Zenaq Accura
Daiwa Catalina and Shimano Stella
Daiwa Saltiga 12 Braid
Seguar FXR 0.62mm
Metal jigs
Ivica Klečak & Marin Marković

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